Does A Dissertation Need An Abstract – Expert’s Opinion

Many students wonder why they need to write an abstract of a dissertation. Not everybody understands the importance of this section. However, any academic writing expert from will tell you that it’s very important to have an abstract in your paper. Abstracts are used for the searching purposes. When you’re looking for past studies to rely upon in your own research, it’s very easy to find the needed academic works just by examining their abstracts.

The Purpose of a Dissertation Abstract

This section should summarize the contents of your entire paper. It’s important to craft it after all the main chapters of your thesis are written. Otherwise, the contents of your abstract might not coincide with the contents of your actual paper. Make sure that your abstract does the following:

  • Presents your topic.
  • You should clearly indicate the subject that your thesis discusses and studies.

  • Lists the literature sources.
  • It’s important to mention a few major textual materials that your study relies upon.

  • Describes your methodology.
  • You should make the reader understand what activities you’ve performed to achieve your goals.

  • Shows your findings.
  • It’s very important to provide brief information about the results of your research.

  • Summarizes your paper.
  • Lastly, you should indicate why your thesis is a substantial contribution to your field.

Before you write the abstract, it’s advisable to consult your professor on how long this section should be. Different universities have different requirements to writing abstracts.

Getting Dissertation Abstract Help

If you’re struggling with composing an abstract for your paper, you may approach different sources for assistance:

  • Other students
  • It’s likely that some of your university friends don’t have problems with this task. You may ask them for tips and advice.

  • Academic centers
  • If you go to a local academic center and consult the professionals working there, you should get decent assistance with your abstract too. However, this might cost you some money.

  • Freelance writers
  • On the web, you may find competent freelance academic writers. Using their services, you may get a custom dissertation abstract online. The quality of such a paper should be rather high. Acquiring it will cost you money too, however.

Now, you understand the importance of having an abstract in your paper. Make sure to compose it in the best possible way so that it clearly illustrates what your paper is about. Remember that you aren’t obligated to work alone. If you run into any problems working on your paper, you may consult different people to get help.