How To Write Conceptual Model Of Dissertation

The conceptual model of academic writing of the development of a conceptual framework for a paper is a key aspect of doctoral dissertation. Help in this regard is often sought by scholars and students alike. And this stretches though patterns and papers of all makes and models. ]In this piece, we will try to establish the basic definition of the conceptual model and tell you about some simple steps that can help with the development of a conceptual framework.

What is the conceptual model of custom written dissertations?

The synthesis of the literature that constitutes the explaining a particular phenomenon is known as the conceptual model or conceptual framework in an academic paper. It is generally devised by the researcher and the technique could vary among scholars.

The conceptual framework involves a mix of the ideas of the researcher and the exploits of the scholars who have worked on the subject previously.

The variables in the study

There are certain variables that the researcher deals with in the paper. The conceptual model of the academia attempts to establish a relationship among these different variables and find out how these connect with one another.

A lot of professional dissertation help is about finding this connection between the differently spaced out variables in a particular field of study.

A subset of theoretical framework

The conceptual model is often counted in as a subset of theoretical framework. As elucidated remarkably well in, this framework is supposed to build on the several theories that have been used by researchers in the past to develop a rather better understanding of how a particular phenomenon occurs.

Steps to making a conceptual model

  • Finalize on a topic: It is a given that you will have to finalize on the topic that you wish to write the paper on. To make it slightly easier, go with a topic you are comfortable with.
  • Conduct a literature review: The literature review needs to be conducted irrespective of the kind of topic that you have chosen to write on. It is supposed to be a review of the work and research conducted by scholars in the past and on the same subject.
  • Identify important variables: The important variables that you identify for the paper need to be placed in contrast with one another. This is basically where a dissertations writing service will help you develop the conceptual model from scratch.
  • Make the conceptual framework: Once the variables of utmost importance have been analyzed and identified individually, you need to weave them together into a framework that will be useful for the paper in the larger context.

After you have successfully executed these steps, you should be ready with what should look like the first draft of your conceptual framework for the paper.

When you are seeking online dissertation help with the paper, make sure it is in relation to the variables that have been used so far in other papers as well.