Complete Guide for Dissertation Formatting

Dissertation writing includes many details, like outlining the future text, systemizing the results of research, etc. One of the most important details, however, is a dissertation writing format, as it has a huge influence on your final grade for the paper. Every educational establishment may have its own requirements or additions to them, but the standards are usually the same.

The Importance of Dissertation Writing Format

To create the best dissertation, you need to implement the given formatting. The requirements were created to make it easier to distinguish and check the works. Evaluating two works of the same level that are formatted in two completely different styles isn’t comfortable. Some professors would follow one dissertation format sample, others would use other samples, which would eventually lead to confusion and inadequate evaluation.

That’s why it’s vital to learn as much as possible about the formatting rules of your educational establishment and to do your best to write the document according to the right dissertation writing format.

Main Formatting Guidelines

Our writers at gathered all the standards they use in custom dissertation writing for hundreds of students. They include spacing, margins, and counting of the pages – the details most professors pay attention to first.

Spacing Rules

  • According to the dissertation writing format, the main text of the document, as well as the abstract and acknowledgments, have to be double-spaced.
  • In the table of contents, a single space must be used unless it’s between the chapters and “lists” – in this case double-spacing is used.
  • In addition, for lists and tables in the document, single space is used within one addition and double-space is used between them.
  • In Bibliography, single-space is used within one point of the list, and double-space – between different points.
  • To format details like long quotes, captions with many lines, footnotes, etc., single-space is usually used.

Margins Rules

  • In dissertation writing, the margins of the main pages from all sides have to be at least 1”.
  • For portrait pages, the numbers have to be placed 0.5” from the bottom (at the center of the space) and 8.5” from the sides.
  • For landscape pages, the numbers have to be placed at the same height from the bottom and 11” from the sides.

Counting and Numbering Rules

  • The title, abstract, and copyright pages must be counted in the whole amount of pages, but not numbered in the document.
  • Other preliminary pages (pages that go before the main text of the dissertation) have to be numbered in Roman numbers, using the lower case.
  • All the pages of the main body of the document are counted and numbered in Arabic numbers.


The formatting rules aren’t too difficult to remember, but it’s important to implement all of them. We at recommend students to have all the guidelines somewhere nearby when getting to dissertation writing. And in case you can’t manage writing the document yourself including all the formatting rules of your educational establishment, don’t panic. Contact us and apply for high-quality dissertation help from our professional writers.