What Is the Difference Between Dissertation and Thesis Writing?

Almost any graduate program includes writing a dissertation or a thesis. Both documents need research, both are created in PDF, help is given by professors in both cases. So what distinguishes these two terms? Can we call a dissertation a thesis? And will the misusage of the word influence your grade?

Help with Thesis and Dissertation Terms: Common Features

Any experienced dissertation writer would recommend you to focus on the common features of these two terms first. Answering one of the questions, no, the misusage of the word will not influence your grade, as the terms are used interchangeably. The main similarities are:

  • They both are given before graduation to evaluate the knowledge and practice abilities of the students.
  • Both are large and require lots of time on the research, writing, and formatting.
  • Both documents are required to be defended to get a degree.
  • Both types of documents are written by the best dissertation writing services.

The Differences of the Documents

The main difference between the terms is the degree they are required for. If you don’t specify the degree, both words can be used, but officially, theses are written to get a master’s degree. Dissertations are usually written and submitted by those who want to obtain a doctorate degree. This is the standard model, but many future masters don’t write theses at all. Many universities give its students a choice: to take the path of the thesis and write the document or choose another path and do other types of work.

Of course, if you plan to go forward and obtain a doctorate degree, you will be encouraged to take up writing a thesis. By doing this, you will get yourself well-prepared for the future challenge of dissertation writing.

In any case, if you choose the thesis path, you can apply to our custom thesis writing service at bsomeday.org and get the paper done for you. It will look just as professional and well-formatted as a student would do if they had lots of time, knowledge, and determination.

One more great difference between these two documents is their purpose. A thesis requires a student to show his or her understanding of the scientific field he or she has chosen. The students have to write a good proposition, create a thesis statement, and prove it, relying on the works of more experienced scholars.

A dissertation is done as an original research, with the minor usage of other scholars’ works. A student needs to choose a new subject to research in the field. The students have to show their abilities to use all the practical knowledge they have obtained during the study.


Even though both terms are used interchangeably, there are still two great differences that distinguish them: degree, and purpose. When it’s important to specify which type of work you are about to write, it’s better to remember these differences to understand the capacity of the work fully. If you are not sure whether you understood the purpose of your work or you know you will not be able to write a good paper, you can always get help with thesis or dissertation on bsomeday.org.